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Coupons and Double Features

Friday, July 29th, 2011

In addition to my normally scheduled post today, I have a little gift for you readers. If you go to Smashwords and enter coupon code LV72P, you’ll get Tarranau for 40% off.

AND L.M. Stull is making this deal even more enticing —> Visit her blog for details on how you can snag an autographed paperback!  But you’ll have to hurry – these offers only last until Sunday night California time.

Coloured Waves

A wave lapped at the shore, foam tinted red.

Water splashed as boys sprinted from the ocean, running before the surf.
Some fell, and did not rise. Others stumbled, then ran all the more.
Fountains danced upon the sand, becoming flowers for but a moment.
Flowers there would be, but not here, not yet.

Men no longer ran from the surf. They stood with shovels and concrete, waved and shouted.
They built, and the beach disappeared under their construction.
Then they left.

A wave lapped at the shore, foam tinted white.

And the second half of the double feature.


A string. Such a petty, tiny object. Used for mundane tasks, boring tasks. Yet it represents the universe. Ever wonder why that was the case?

Because it is string. Circular, I know. But the infinite possible actions with a piece of string mirror the universe.

Someday, we’ll understand what we see. Truly understand, that is.…
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Slaving Away (For a Coupon)

Friday, July 29th, 2011

In addition to our normally scheduled post today, we have a little gift for you readers from Splintered Land’s founder, James Tallett. If you go to Smashwords and enter coupon code LV72P, you’ll get Tarranau for 40% off.

AND L.M. Stull is making this deal even more enticing —> Visit her blog for details on how you can snag an autographed paperback!  But you’ll have to hurry – these offers only last until Sunday night California time.

Now, onto our thieving! 

“Náhte, don’t you think your friends aren’t all that, well, friendly?”

“They followed me here and help you and everything! They must be friendly.”

“I’ve been poked with more pointy things by them than the rest of the trip.”

“They’re having fun?”

“Yes, Náhte, they are. Me, I’m kind of sore.”

They were quiet for a time.

“I’ve been thinking, Butan.”

Butan shook his head. “About?”

“My friends. I think they might be slavers.”

“Whatever gave you that impression? They only tied both of us to a tree in the centre of the swamp, and left on boats.”

“It was a bit tricky Butan, but when I heard them coming back with chains, I figured it out.”


They spend the next three nights in chains on the bottom of a swamp boat, only allowed out when they needed to water a bush.

Náhte nudged Butan awake early the next morning.…
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Whipped Sailor

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Richane cursed as Bruce’s men cast off. The last delivery of supplies hadn’t arrived, so they’d be shipping out with less than he’d like. If they rationed, they could make it. But odds were these bruisers weren’t good at rationing. Together he and Erran could magically hide some of the food resources but it could cause more problems than it solved.

The whole world was used to famine since the breaking, so they could get by with very little food, but the animals were a new complication. Wild beasts and hunger weren’t his favorite shipmates.

Glaring at Bruce, he, Erran and Jon, the help his wife had said he needed to replace, rapidly unfurled the sails. He ran to the helm, holding the rudder steady and cursing his luck at having to ship to the most dangerous waters he’d ever been in with a shortlisted crew. Not all of his crew had arrived to help man the rivership and Bruce already wasn’t listening to him. No one but the captain should yell when it’s time to cast off. One more complication on the dangerous journey. Heading north with a band of brigands and hungry animals was the last thing he wanted to do.

A gust of wind tore at the main sail and Jon lost control of the main rope. The sail became a frenzied whipping mass with a potentially lethal tail.…
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Pantser vs Plotter – World Building

Monday, July 25th, 2011

So, this is the first post in a new series about the process of writing. Each week, I will discuss one aspect with a Pantser, while I’ll provide my (a Plotter’s) point of view. For those who don’t know the terms, a Pantser is an author who writes more or less without a plan, while a Plotter is someone who lays everything out before starting work. As with most things in life, there’s a spectrum between the two. Personally, I plot everything over about 10k words in length. Under that, I freewrite. Megg Jensen, my guest author this week, Pantses everything, as she’ll explain shortly.

As we’re both fantasy authors, this week’s topic is World Building, the process of creating those settings that give flavour and excitement to stories not of this world. Read on to see how one of those crazy Pantser people does it, and then follow the link at the bottom to see my response.

When I have the initial idea for a novel, it’s always a tiny spark inside my mind. I will spend days, sometimes months, thinking about where this spark leads. I allow it to live and grow organically, but only in my thoughts. My preferred genre is fantasy, and all of my novels have been written in a world based upon medieval Europe. I have a BA in medieval history and the familiar conventions and customs are firmly rooted in my consciousness.…
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Monday, July 25th, 2011

The fire crackled as bugs in the night met their death in its flames. Death was all around me. It seemed I couldn’t escape it. My mind hadn’t stopped running since it happened.

Soft lips upon my cheek broke me from my demented memories and I couldn’t help but smile. Her touch, her smell, her love. I did it for her. She would have never asked me to. She was far too strong. Stronger than I’d ever be.

“They are almost ready for you dear,” Idima whispered into my ear.

At these words my heart sank and a thin film of sweat began to cover my body. But, I was thankful that they had not told her yet. At least, I figured they had not. I knew she wouldn’t speak to me or look at me once she knew. I looked into her eyes and kissed her gently on the lips before answering, “Very well, I shall be there in a few moments then.”

Her hand upon my shoulder, she squeezed it lightly before heading back into the house. I had awaited their visit all week. I knew it would happen sooner of later. Hiding it where I did had been a bad idea and I cursed myself under my breath for not moving it to a more discrete location. I had been kidding myself to think I would get away with it.…
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The Hunter’s Prey Part 12

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Dendera was impressed, despite herself. Laurin had walked fearlessly into the water and disappeared. What had gone on down there? Had he been in danger or just putting on theatrics to frighten all that was holy out of her? She would not give him the victory by asking. Instead, she focused on the bag that thrashed against his back.

“Do we need to get it back to water?” she asked.

“You’re the snake expert,” he said with a shrug. “I didn’t stick around to see if it is an air-breather or more of a fish.” He cut a strange figure in the dark with random patches of luminescent algae clinging to him. One shoulder stood out clearly, the opposite forearm; the rest of him seemed to melt into the dusk, a hunting trick, no doubt. She was rather taken aback when he handed her the bag.

“What?” she asked, not sure what he intended.

“I caught it. Now you carry it,” Laurin said, chivalrous attitude abandoned. Scowling, Dendera accepted the heavy, waterlogged bag, slinging it unceremoniously over one shoulder. “Let’s go,” he said, taking the lead. Dendera resented the sudden shift in authority but knew she would come across as petulant if she insisted he follow her.

The city began to stir, a beast shaking itself after a long sleep, as dawn began to streak the sky, hurrying their steps. The temple guards dozed at their post, allowing them to slip in unnoticed with ease.…
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Misery of a Friend

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The misery of a friend.
A strange thing, is it not?
Do you comfort them?
Do you push them to move on?

There is a third way.
Use a knife.

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